Mindful Tasks is our journey to become more mindful, productive, "system" thinkers as we build Eko Wave and manage day-to-day life. We will share what we learn and the tools we build to meet our needs. Read the intro post.

About Brian

Brian Patterson is a marketing expert by day and web developer by night. When he's not working, Brian enjoys PC gaming (ARPGs), collecting sports cards, listening to 90's grunge, and drinking craft beer with his wife, Christina. Brian has bold ambitions to build an online collectibles empire and even bolder ambitions to find the perfect productivity system. View posts

About Jason

Jason Dettbarn is first and foremost a husband to Melisa and father to three daughters – Lucy, Zoey, & Stella. Beyond family life, Jason enjoys collecting (mainly comics, some sports cards), programming, listening to music, playing games on the Nintendo Switch, obsessing over iOS apps and productivity, hockey, and photography.  View posts

About Eko Wave

Eko Wave LLC was founded by a group of passionate collectors on tight budgets. We want to provide a fresh approach to hobby tasks that are time consuming, expensive, or generally frustrating to us as collectors.

Our Apps

Relic Scout
Relic Scout turbocharges your eBay searches. Whether you’re a collector, a flipper, or just cleaning out your attic, try it out today.